Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"2010" Girls Softball Team

The " yellow meteor", we beat it and throw it around and it still comes back to bruise us, but we can't stop, won't stop pounding on it.

This is Veronica
a.k.a. V-Ron our official
scorekeeper with good handwriting

Here's some "Newbies"

This is Katie our oldest newby
a.k.a. "Squid"
Check out that tentacle!

Our junior newby
Christina, a.k.a.
"Stina". We rescued her from our competition

Meet Jennifer or J-Rey
a.k.a "Hollywood"
one of our five new "fresh (wo) men

Georgiana, a.k.a. "GG"
She's all greek to me.

Now for some familiar faces:

The killer "Noodle"



A wounded

And some guy they
keep in a cage, throw him
a twinkie

More Dragon-ettes soon!