Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hey Ladies
Here is some interesting information, ENJOY.

27 Life Lessons Learned on the Ball Field.
1. 100% Effort and Positive Attitude. The game (like life) will take of you.
2. Be aware. It’s either positive or poison that comes out of your mouth.
3. Priorities. Family, school, sports. It’s that simple.
4. Hustle doesn’t ever take the day off. GET 1% better everyday!
5. Don’t look left or right. Be your OWN captain.
6. Sit in the first rows in school and life. Lead from the front.
7. Live the 33% rule. Hang with top third people, they are dream makers. Middle
third: blow in the wind. Bottom third: suck the life out of you.
8. Good Talent is flexible. You are more gifted than you think. Be resilient.
9. Have resolve/determined effort: the game, like life will test you. Bring IT!
10. Daily inventory. Say 3 positive things about yourself everyday in the mirror.
11. Live your social life in the black and white. When in doubt (gray area) don’t do it!
12. Pick the diamonds. You are a reflection of your fiends. Pick good ones!
13. Like life, the game will test you. Love it unconditionally. On good days and bad.
14. Peace of Mind. Work hard Monday through Friday. Saturday is game day. We
celebrate competition. Focus on the process!
15. Honor the Game. Hustle on hits and outs.
16. Keep your swagger. The game doesn’t know how old you are. Play like a senior.
17. Master your fundamentals and the game will pay you back.
18. Teammates. If you don’t love them, you MUST find ways to respect them.
19. Love the anticipation! Waiting for the game takes the longest amount of time.
Enjoy the 5 days up to the 2 hour game.
20. Competitive greatness never looks at the score.
21. Give 100% of what you have. Sad, sick, or injured.
22. Anticipate the play on defense. Have plan a and b in your head always.
23. Stamina: Enjoy the struggle!
24. You learn nothing when you do all the talking.
25. Dress sharp, be smart & take care of your equipment.
26. The human element. Umpires aren’t perfect so get over it.
27. If you play on a team, you commit to be being #2 in your own life. Team first.

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