Monday, August 31, 2009

Hope the summer treated you well and you are settling back into the school routine.
What's new?
Obvious by now is the school is not getting torn down (probably never)
We have changed school districts. Instead of losing St Thomas we picked up Pines Charter and a bunch of other private schools (with exceptions of Lauderdale & Hallandale)
Scorch has changed schools. We are now in need of a catcher, who will it be? Rambo? Noodle? Randa??
With a predominantly senior team, we need to recruit a few young (victims) players.
Any other scuttlebutt on returning players?? Fill me in!!
Need to do:
Physicals and paperwork. See past blog post for low cost Doctors office.
Think about playing again. There are a couple of tournaments in November we may want to
play. (For fun, in our case)
Softball interest meeting ( in near future)
Nothing like putting more stuff on you plates, but--------------------
Don't forget about SOFTBALL!!!!!

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